We present to you a selection of twenty eight patchworks collected in the United States between 1971 and 1975. What fascinated us then was the imagination, the sensibility and the craftsmanship of women that, without any particular artistic training, were able to create abstract compositions close to those of artists such as Albers, Vasarely, Agam, Escher and many others practicing the optical art, well recognized in the 1970s. Our first purchase was an appliqué patchwork of big, stylized, red oak-leaves over an ivory ground, that we have called Matisse from the beginning because he reminded us of his cut-papers. You will also find, among others, a "baby or tumbling blocks" type close to Vasarely’s work, many "log cabins" type in the spirit of Agam’s production, an Amish “diamond in a square” which can be compared to one of the "tribute to the square" of Albers, an "Indiana puzzle " of Ohio which reminds the flight of birds of Escher, and a "postage stamps” type comprising 11000 (eleven thousand) tiny triangles. The collection has been recognized as of museum quality.

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Photos: © Antoine Lorgnier